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Birthdate:Dec 18
Location:New York, United States of America
Michaela here.
If you're reading this, it's because I think I trust you with my more personal ramblings, transcriptions of old (paper) journal entries and custody case documents, expressions of inner uncertainties, and other past-exposing/soul-baring offerings. I may not add to this journal often, although I may be quite prolific for a while...who knows?
This journal is not:
*a replacement for therapy
*a cry for help
* some new-agey attempt to "heal" my "wounds"
* an annoying, persistent fish for "wow, you're such a survivor" comments - man, that's what I hate the MOST about memoir writing. Please don't do it.
It probably is self-indulgent, solipsistic and self-centered (as memoir generally is), but only reluctantly so. It's primarily a memory-gathering thing, a push to write about things I've needed to write about for years, and above all an experiment in the feasibility of eventually publishing a memoir. To that end, I may contradict myself in consecutive posts, I may write repeatedly about the same event, I may make light of events you find horrifying or take a seemingly minor experience quite seriously. Thanks in advance for your patience, tact, and for not treating me an iota differently after you've read way too much about me.
Some entries will be read-only, do-not-reply affairs. Since I created this journal specifically so as not to complicate my oh-so-breezy epilady account, I'd appreciate your not discussing anything from this account over there. And, should go without saying to please not discuss with other people, whether IRL or here in the metaland. Than-Q verrry much.
If you're not interested in the seamier details of my childhood and adolescence, just let me know; I'll take you off the list and that'll be that. If you are interested in sticking around, add me back as a friend...and thank you for your interest and stuff. Not sure why the urge to extract all this memory is so strong right now, but there it is.
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